NBA suspension should not be lifted for money’s sake

Let me start by saying I am obviously in no way an expert on pandemics. I’m one of many idiots who watches hours of basketball, sends some attention-desperate tweets and occasionally writes stories about the NBA. But I am confident in saying this: There is absolutely no need for the NBA to return any time soon in the wake of Rudy Gobert testing positive for COVID-19 and the subsequent season suspension. And if the season is ultimately canceled, it does not matter in the slightest.

The NBA is, frankly, not very important during a pandemic. I don’t wish to minimize the impact suspending the season will have on numerous people, particularly the low-wage workers at arenas or people in NBA cities who rely on game nights for their income. I also think the league—itself a multibillion-dollar enterprise—and team owners, a group of billionaires, can find a way to ensure those who will be most financially impacted by the suspension will still be compensated if anyone truly cares about their well-being. (Mark Cuban has already said he will put together a program for such people in Dallas—that’s absolutely the right thing to do.)

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