Is a ‘Baaghi 4’ in the works? Director Ahmed Khan reveals

Ahmed Khan is happy with the opening weekend box office performance of his latest directorial ‘Baaghi 3’. The film starring Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor has collected Rs538.3 million (Dh28.73 million) at the Indian box office in its first weekend.

“People loving my work is the most important thing. We were expecting this because even ‘Baaghi 2’ was taken very well by the audience. So I had an intuition that people will accept ‘Baaghi 3’,” the filmmaker said.

Khan, who had also directed ‘Baaghi 2’, gives credit to the film’s action quotient and lead actor Shroff’s popularity. “One [reason for the film’s success] is definitely Tiger Shroff’s fan following, and the other is the film’s action, which merges with the story. The credit surely goes to Tiger Shroff. This is because even though other heroes can perform action, he is trained very well to do this kind of action,” said the filmmaker.

“It reduces 80 per cent of the stress when it comes to conceiving any action [around Shroff]. The most important thing is conceiving it and the double hard work goes into executing it. If you have a guy who can execute it for you, life becomes easy,” he added.

With the consistent good show of the franchise, is ‘Baaghi 4’ a possibility in the future? “The owner of the film is Sajid Nadiadwala. If he decides that we should go ahead with ‘Baaghi 4’, we will do it. But we will keep the franchise alive definitely,” concluded the director.

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