UFC 248 Betting and DFS Tips

Consider it a heater. Gambling on MMA & Boxing continues to soar to new levels and there is no turning back. Unlike any other, gambling on combat sports is truly a 52-week season. It’s a season where players can get action down literally every week as they wish, and that they do. Just weeks ago, we saw bettors thrown down stacks of cash in a big way on the Wilder vs Fury match up. Money sprinkled in throughout the week, including several five-figure bets, and as we reached fight day, it was game on. Big bets continued to pour in, and six-figure tickets on both fighters became public knowledge, including $135,000 to win $100,000 on Wilder, and $190,000 to win $199,500 on Fury. Prop bets were like candy, and you could find anything from method of victory, which round each fighter would win, who would bleed first, and even would Wilder wear a facial mask during the walkout; but we won’t get into that.  

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