Hollywood star Katie Holmes on why her new film freaked her out

Katie Holmes
Image Credit: AP

Actress Katie Holmes, who plays Liza in the horror movie ‘Brahms: The Boy II’, was freaked out by the doll and said working on the film was incredible unnerving.

“It was creepy. It was really creepy every single time. They did such a good job with that doll and I mean, I didn’t want to be alone with the doll. It was weird. By the end, it was like, ‘Am I waiting in line behind a doll at catering? I might be. I think this thing really is alive’,” Holmes told Bloody Disgusting, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

The actress said she is drawn to the horror genre because of the “communal experience” that comes with watching a scary movie at the cinema.

“Well, what I love about the genre is it’s really fun to go and see a horror movie in a theatre. It’s a communal experience being scared with strangers. I’ve done this genre before, and I think it’s really fun to create a character within this kind of genre,” she said.

Holmes heaped praise on director William Brent Bell, who has once again teamed up with writer Stacey Menear three years after the original ‘The Boy’ movie.

She said: “Before I signed on to do the project, he was obviously very well prepared. And then when I got to Victoria Island, he had the movie all mapped out, and it was great because he knew exactly what he wanted. He knew what would work. We were collaborating and, and he was very aware of what I was trying to do with this character. He’s really good at getting the scares.”

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