This luxury water bottle costs Dh20,000

The bottle is a luxury ‘flask bag’ with a quilted lambskin sleeve, gold chain handle and interlocking logo.

Luxury fashion brand Chanel came up with eco-friendly water bottle worth over £4k (more than Dh19,000), and it is selling out fast.   

The everyday usable water bottle is a luxury “flask bag” with a quilted lambskin sleeve, gold chain handle and interlocking Chanel logo. The £4,410 water bottle first went on sale online in November and recently came to the UK and is already selling out.

According to reports , Chanel’s flagship store on Bond Street, London, said that it had sold out of the product in stock while nearby store in Chelsea confirmed they had only one piece left. 

However this is not the first time Chanel has come up with an expensive sustainable water bottle, as it first launched bottle and holder in 1994 for which Claudia Schiffer and Carla Bruni modelled. Luxury resale websites can fetch £8,500 for the original 1994 holder alone.

While American singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers was seen with Chanel’s latest water bottle on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards last week.

She told reporters: “Sustainability is a really important thing to me.” In December, Taylor Swift wore Chanel on the cover of British Vogue to raise awareness of sustainability in fashion, the publication’s editor-in-chief said.

However, the Chanel bottle is not the most expensive to ever go on sale, as Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani bottle sold for  £45,000. It included water sourced from France, Fiji and Iceland and sprinkled with “gold dust”. But only one was ever sold, at auction in 2010, to raise funds to combat the climate crisis.

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