Newlywed imam learns that his wife is a man

He comes to know this after two weeks of marriage.

An imam in Uganda discovered that he was married to a man posing as a woman two weeks after his wedding.

According to the local journalists, Mohammed Mutumba, an imam at a mosque in the Kayunga district, married “Swabullah Nabukeera”.

The latter was found to be a man when Kayunga District Police arrested him for stealing clothes and a TV set from Mutumba’s house.

Isaac Mugera, a criminal investigations officer, said that “Nabukeera” was first arrested under the assumption that he was a woman, as he was wearing a hijab and sandals. However, as female police officers searched the suspect, they quickly found that it was actually a man.

Police quickly informed a shocked Mutumba that his ‘wife’ was actually a man, identified to be 27-year-old Richard Tumushabe.

Tumushabe allegedly duped Mutumba in a bid to steal his money by refusing to consummate their marriage for two weeks.

Tumushabe’s alleged aunt has also been arrested for helping him steal money by setting up the wedding with Mutumba. She claims that she had never seen her ‘niece’ before and that she didn’t know he was actually a man.

Police have charged Tumushabe with impersonation, theft and obtaining goods by false pretense.

Source ; News Agencies

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