Couple wins 2 million pounds lottery, son declared cancer free 3 days later

Indeed, a happy new year for this family.

A family has had a really happy start to the New Year after they won a big lottery and received news that their son was cancer free.

A family in the UK is making headlines all over the world for the life changing news they got in a span of few days.

Not only did the couple win a £2 million lottery, but a few days later their son was clear of cancer.

‘It was like all our lifelong dreams come true.’

John and Allison McDonald, from Stockton-on-Tees, won a Lucky Dip ticket on December 18,  2019, and three days later they were told that their 15-year-old son, Ewan, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in May, was cancer free, reported the BBC.

The husband worked as a security officer, while the wife worked at an opticians.

The pair handed in their notices at work after becoming millionaires.

“It is just like all of our lifelong dreams came true in the space of three days,” McDonald said.

“What a start to 2020. Everyone always dreams of winning the lottery at Christmas – and talks about how amazing this would be – but Allison and I never believed it would happen to us – and it has.

“And then to receive news that Ewan’s latest scans are all clear is just truly amazing. We are so thankful. 2020 is certainly looking like being one amazing year for the three of us,” the couple told that BBC.

Source ; BBC & News Agencies

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