Israeli air strikes pound Gaza after rocket fire

One man was killed and two injured in the strikes, according to Gaza health ministry

Gaza ; A Palestinian man was killed by Israeli air strikes on Saturday, Gaza’s health ministry said, a day after an Israeli air defence system intercepted several rockets destined for southern Israel.

Dozens of strikes hit the Palestinian enclave in the early hours with Israeli claiming to have targeted “a wide range of Hamas terror targets,” including a military compound and weapons manufacturing site.

One person was killed in a strike on a military training camp, the health ministry in Gaza said, naming him as Ahmed al-Shehri, 27. Two people were also injured.

It did not say whether they were affiliated with any faction.

A Hamas source told journalists that they had fired at the Israeli aircraft carrying out the raids and the Israeli confirmed fresh “incoming fire” from Gaza.

The strikes came after at least ten rockets were fired on Friday at southern Israel from the Gaza strip, hitting a family home.

The Israeli army said the country’s Iron Dome anti-missile defence system intercepted eight of the rockets. “So far 10 rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israeli civilians. Eight of those rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome”, the military said on Twitter.

None of the armed groups in Gaza have claimed responsibility for firing the rockets but the Israeli military said Hamas was ultimately responsible for the attacks.

This was the second rocket incident this week, according to Ha’aretz, which reported that a rocket was also fired on Thursday from Gaza.

The escalation comes as a political limbo continues in Israel, which held two elections in the past year but appears no closer to forming a new government.

Former army chief Benny Gantz is locked in negotiations to form a new government after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanuyahu said he was unable to do so last month.

If Gantz is unable to form a majority coalition then Israelis could go to the polls for the third time since April.

Hamas and Israel have fought three wars in the Gaza strip since 2008.

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