‘Let’s do it together’: Huawei reaches out to EU for 5G deal

Huawei, which has been blacklisted by the US over national security concerns, sought to assuage concerns of European governments at Wednesday’s European Parliament debate on 5G technology

Chinese telecoms manufacturer Huawei Technologies is trying to assuage European concerns that it is a cybersecurity risk, saying it wants to help make the continent a world leader in next-generation mobile networks.

“We have to find a ‘European way.’ So let’s do it together,” Abraham Liu, Huawei’s representative to the European Union told a debate organised by four main political groups of the European Parliament on Wednesday.

“We plan to work with all of you in partnership to ease fears and create opportunities.”

In a win for Huawei, Germany this week finalised rules for the building of 5G mobile networks and will not explicitly exclude the company from bidding to build those networks.

Wednesday’s debate was organised to discuss the general importance of 5G networks in the EU but Huawei’s representative stole the limelight, drawing most of the initial questions. The chair of the debate, Romanian EU legislators Maria Grapini, loudly explained: “This is not a debate on Huawei.”


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